L’esperienza Luminare

L’esperienza Luminare

Celestial Love by Dorina Costras

Since time immemorial humanities love affair with the Luminaries has shaped the totality of evolution. We have worshipped and followed the path of Their light. A light which transcends, transitions, shapes and defines the very essence of experience ‘necessary’ for each of us to simply ‘become.’

Although there are two Luminaries, modern society does not spend much time with la Luna, yet they wrap their very essence around il Sole.  This is evident in the fact that most of the societally ‘civilized’ world has come to base all activities of life and evolution around a solar Gregorian Calendar. This calendar demonstrates cycles, dictating and sequencing the operation of life along a path which follows the transitions of the Sun and its affectual creation of seasonsMost civilizations on Earth have agreed to utilize the Gregorian Calendar of 365 days, (give or take a day during leap years), divvied between 12 monthly cycles, as the singularly solar luminary standard path of operation for their societies.

So say we all.

However, historically, we humans built our calendars based on the cycles of the Moon. Lunar calendars were built following the ever changing waxing and waning of the Moon from New to Full and back again. The Moon itself cycles through almost 13 Full Moons (12.97) throughout the annual solar cycle of the seasons. In so being, a Lunar calendar is built honoring 13 moonths, rather than the 12 months we experience under a Gregorian organization.

The addition of the 13th moonth eventually causes the cycles of the seasons, which adhere to their transitions with the solar light, to fall out of alignment within the Lunar calendar. Many calculations were therefore derived in which an addition, or subtraction, of approximately 15 days was needed in each yearly cycle. (Most also built calendars around 19 year time periods to handle the calculations.) The ancients had many different calendars created using different socially defined rules for the addition or subtraction of the days needed in order to keep the seasons aligned within the Lunar calendar.

Some may see all these varied calculations as strong reasoning to step away from a Lunar based calendar cycle into a Solar one. Yet, I wonder, in stepping away from the Lunar calendar, have we not also lost touch with a reverent connection to the lessons of creation found within the luminary cycles of La Luna Herself?

Whatever the feeling, it is very hard to live your life following a Lunar calendar in a Solar calendar based world. Therefore, in my practice, I maintain a bit of distinction between the two luminaries and follow both calendars.

In an over-generalized way, I keep track of them as two separate calendars — one tracks societal obligations and seasonal transitions, the Solar calendar, and the other tracks obligations to the constant transmutation and growth of l’Anima, the Lunar calendar.

The Experience of the Luminaries

The Flight of the Soul by Louis Janmot (circa 1835-81; painting 16 in the series Poem of the Soul) 

A Gypsy Priestess knows the Experience of living synchronistically within the push and pull of these dualities, (ie. The Experience of the Luminaries). It is within this Experience that one comes to understand, and subsequently define, the boundaries and morally dignified or corrupt expressions of existence in which Ego and Soul are birthed, groomed, and transmuted to ‘Play the Game.’

The Experience of taking control of the reins and charioteering in your own self expression is what is offered in this coursework. Studies begin as personal offerings of experience combined with elements to aid in embracing and understanding the affects and effects each of the luminaries brings to your life independently. Knowledge, resources, tools, and group as well as individual transpersonal rites offered in the first year will be Della Luna, (of the Moon), whereas studies offered the second year will be Dello Sole, (of the Sun).

Be still, and awaken to who you are through the Experience of the Luminaries.

Mirror of Love by Dorina Costras

“That which we bring out
of you shall save you.”
~Jesus Christ

“Follow your own selfishness.”
~Alan Watts

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