Participating in mythic rituals is a powerful way to more deeply understand the condition of being human and the challenges inherent in human development. C.G. Jung and Joseph Campbell believed that archetypes are among the constituent elements of the human psyche and, in addition to being reflected in the myths, the rituals accompanying mythic narratives allow for a more conscious interaction with, and an examination of, the powerful energies of existence swirling around, in, and through individual lives.

~Bradley Olson (Joseph Campbell Foundation)

August Events

08/02 thru 08/07 – Solar Year Course:
LuniSoli New Year Celebration and Retreat

08/04 thru 08/07 – Lunar Year Course:
Lunar New Year Celebration and Retreat

08/11 – LYC & SYC:
Retreat Check In

08/11 – Trance Divination:
Full Moon in Aquarius

08/16 – Solar Year Course:
Solar Transition – Leo to Virgo

08/23 – Solar Transition:
Leo to Virgo

08/27 – Trance Divination:
New Moon in Virgo

September Events

09/10 – Trance Divination:
Full Moon in Pisces

09/13 – Solar Year Course:
Solar Transition – Virgo into Libra

09/15 – Lunar Year Course:
Final Check in & Preparing for
the Next Year

09/25 – Trance Divination:
Full Moon in Libra

Lunar Year courses as well as Full and New Moon Divinations may have additional curriculum/syllabus information. To view the details associated to specific events simply select to view the Event listed on the Calendar. Calendar information is updated frequently so, if there is currently nothing listed for the specific calendar item, check back often.

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